Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)PPC Search Engine Marketing Strategies: the Role of Keywords

As a search engine marketing firm, Nova It Solution takes a software as a service approach (SaaS), offering web analytics, keyword research, and keyword suggestion tools to help you continuously develop a search engine keyword list that provides your campaign with two important benefits:

A Never Ending List of Keywords - Nova It Solution initially mines your website's historic logs for keyword data, which is an advantageous first step given that your keywords will be pulled directly from your actual site data. But the keyword research process doesn't stop here. To optimize your search engine marketing efforts, the software then tracks visits to your site every day thereafter, and enters new search queries into your Nova It Solution dashboard based on what visitors are actually typing in search engines to find your site. This ensures that you have an extensive list of keyword information, while adding new keywords to your account's keyword database daily.

A Relevant, Exclusive Keyword List - Because these keywords come from your site-specific log and traffic data, you are the only one with this particular list of keywords. Additionally, you can be sure these keywords are highly specific to your site and your business, because the information is being pulled from your site. This is a huge advantage in search engine marketing, especially when other search engine marketing firms only provide pre-made cookie cutter campaigns.

Nova It Solution's search engine marketing services and keyword suggestion benefits are predicated upon two main technological advantages offered by the software:

A Stream of Keywords - The search engine marketing software makes daily keyword suggestions, including "long tail keywords" from the long tail keyword tool, which offers you a constant flow of researched keywords that are specific enough to drive targeted traffic at a lower cost.

Campaign Maintenance Tools - Additionally, the application helps you to continually refine and optimize this unending list through keyword segmentation by relevance and size, negative keyword suggestion, and easy-to-use ad group creation and management.

In the screenshot below we see a customer's "keyword graph".

Each bar on the graph represents a search term from this customer's Nova It Solution account. There are two important things to note from this particular screen shot:

Keywords Found - We see here that Nova It Solution's keyword analytics and keyword research tool have amassed over a million and a half keywords. Every day, this account adds a few dozen new keyword variations to its Nova It Solution search engine marketing dashboard.

Long Tail Keywords - The graph's "long tail" actually extends far beyond this illustration; this "tail" is filled with highly relevant, often inexpensive keyword opportunities. Finding these manually and consistently would be impossible without search engine marketing services. Nova It Solution makes it possible by automating laborious, research-intensive tasks and presenting you with suggestions for making intelligent decisions about your data.

Thus, relevant and potentially favorable advertising opportunities are being presented by the Nova It Solution search engine marketing product every day.